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Lovitt’s collection: Daily Basis is divided by the four seasons, followed by poems from the male perspective and poems from Asia. Fulbright Scholar/Haiku Master, Patrica Donegean (Bone Poems, Earthquake Flowers, Without Warning) has this to say about his work:


“Robert Lovitt’s poems in Daily Basis show many poetic influences, but the Imagist-haiku thread is strong – like the clarity of a first flash thought of a sunflower when we really see it – and yet it seems so ordinary. Lovitt’s poems have a style of co-emerged simplicity and depth, as in his poems about green tomatoes, arthritic hands, cracks of clouds, Mt. Emei, the weight of moonlight, a swooping crow and footsteps… a depth that could be overlooked, a depth that bears reading again and again, to share and expand these everyday moments of being present in our daily lives.”

80 pages, softbound, 6”x9”, Price: $14.00

In this poetry collection, Lovitt presents snapshots of his life organized (or disorganized) by the seasons, a section of  boy/man poems as well as some glittering souvenirs from his travel in Asia.


Travel with him down the narrow tracks of Amtrak south-


for choice seats

and overhead luggage space

we scramble – shamelessly

Linger with him in the backyard-

admiring the straight sapling

on old man

leans on his shovel

Will he get the girl?

listening for her footsteps

morning comes to my bed



Called many things, including a son of the beats, Lovitt’s poetry is infused with humor and insight, and perhaps – just the right dose of compassion…

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